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From the minds of the world-famous Crime Junkie Podcast, host Ashley Flowers takes true-crime listeners through a deck of playing cards that is unlike any other.

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Solving the toughest criminal investigations sometimes requires a game of risk. Each week, host Ashley Flowers tells you the story of a person whose murder or mysterious disappearance has gone unsolved for years in audiochuck’s new weekly true-crime podcast called, The Deck. These cases are the coldest of cases. So cold that law enforcement agencies have put victim’s faces on decks of playing cards and passed them out in jails and prisons hoping they might make their way into the hands of someone with answers. They’re known as cold case playing card decks and for the first time ever, we’re dealing YOU in.

Join us every Wednesday as we work with investigators and victims’ family members to recount the details of these cases in hopes that justice may finally be served.

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Latest Episodes

Timothy Blair – 5 of Clubs, Kentucky

Timothy Blair – 5 of Clubs, Kentucky

When 19-year-old Timothy Blair’s body was found on the side of road in 2005, investigators launched into action to find his killer, but their investigation quickly turned cold despite the discovery of DNA evidence and the cooperation of his family.

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Catherine Sjoberg – 8 of Hearts, Wisconsin

Catherine Sjoberg – 8 of Hearts, Wisconsin

In June 1974, 17-year-old Catherine Sjoberg was enjoying all the festivities of prom night when a heated argument with her boyfriend at the post-prom dance sent her storming off into the cool summer night, never to be seen or heard from again.

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