Charles & Jennifer Chia – Jack of Diamonds, Nevada

Charles and Jennifer Chia could see their apartment complex from their school bus stop – that’s how close to their building it was. Such a small distance for something to go so terribly wrong. But a couple hundred feet is all it took for someone to stop the Chia siblings from making it home safe. That person has gone undetected for more than 34 years. But present-day detectives say their days are now numbered, as new technology could soon expose this nameless predator.

Charles & Jennifer Chia - Jack of Diamonds - Nevada

Courtesy of Reno Police Department

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If you know anything about the murders of Charles and Jennifer Chia, contact the Reno Police Department’s Homicide Unit at (775) 334-2188. You can also anonymously report information by calling Secret Witness at (775) 322-4900. If you don’t feel comfortable calling on the phone, you can visit the Secret Witness link on Reno Police’s website, where you can submit tips anonymously, or send an email to rpdcoldcases@reno.gov.

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