Episode 17: A Secret Confession

A new suspect name is dropped into our inbox, with third-hand information about him having confessed to Darlene’s murder. We work to get to the direct source, and dig up more about his past and where he was, or said he was, on August 17, 1984.

Episode Info

If you believe you have information about Darlene Hulse’s 1984 abduction and murder in Argos, Indiana, please email thedeck@audiochuck.com.

Darlene’s family has created a petition to advocate for the suspect DNA to be compared to the partial DNA sample that was recovered from Darlene’s blouse. There are also more items that independent experts recommend testing that may yield an even better profile and we would like that to be done as well. To sign the petition, visit
Justice for Darlene Hulse.