Kathy Jones-Harmon – 10 of Hearts, Utah

Kathy was a 22-year-old newlywed living in Salt Lake City in 1976, forging her own path in a town that often seemed to value conformity over individuality. By all accounts, Kathy had a reputation for being tough – definitely no shrinking violet. So no one was particularly worried about her fending for herself when her husband Dave left town on his rig for his most recent long-haul trek through the rugged Mountain West. And besides, Kathy had a solid group of friends to look out for her, including her roommate Vickie. 

But Vickie couldn’t stay with Kathy 24/7 – and on the evening of March 2nd, when Kathy was left alone, something was set into motion that remains a mystery to this day.

Kathy Jones-Harmon unsolved card - 10 of hearts

Courtesy of Unified Police Department