Renee McBreen – 2 of Spades, Florida

When Renee was 22 years old, her main goal was to provide a good life for her son Caleb. But in September 1992, Renee was attacked in her Jacksonville, Florida, home after hosting Caleb’s 3rd birthday party. While Renee’s killer spared Caleb’s life, their actions took away the person who loved him most and shattered his sense of safety and belonging for years to come.

Renee McBreen - 2 of Spades - Florida

Courtesy of Project Cold Case

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Today, a cold case detective is renewing the push for answers in Renee’s murder, hoping to finally repair some of the damage that was done over 30 years ago.

If you know anything about Caleb’s birthday party or the reported trip to Dunkin Donuts that Renee and Caleb might’ve taken just before Renee’s murder, or anything else about the 1992 murder of Renee McBreen, please call the Jacksonville, Florida Sheriff’s Office at 904-630-0500 and ask for Detective Ray Reeves.

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