Shannon Michelle Aumock – 6 of Clubs, Arizona

In the spring of 1992, 16-year-old Shannon Aumock had run away from her group home just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. A chronic runaway and member of the foster system since she was 3 years old, Shannon wasn’t reported missing and eventually was legally relinquished from Child Protective Services’ care. One month after her disappearance, on May 27, 1992, the search for another missing local girl would uncover a body that wouldn’t be identified for nearly 20 years. For more than two decades, Shannon’s case has kept police on their toes as they navigated her tragic life and a cluster of similar cases in the area to continue to try and uncover the person and reasoning behind her even more tragic end.

6 of clubs Shannon Aumock

Courtesy of Detective Stuart Somershoe of the Phoenix Police Department

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If you have any information about the murder of Shannon Aumock, you’re asked to contact Silent Witness Anonymously at 480-948-6377 or 480-837-8446.