Bobby Joe Fritz – 5 of Spades, Wisconsin

On May 14, 1983, 5-year-old Bobby Joe Fritz asked his sister to walk him back home after playing a game of kickball with the neighborhood kids in the Wisconsin village of Campbellsport. After walking him toward their house and watching as he made it to the end of their driveway, his sister waved goodbye and returned to kickball — and that was the last confirmed sighting of Bobby Joe. For nearly four decades, police in Wisconsin have been trying to figure out how Bobby Joe seemingly vanished into thin air.

5 of Spades - Bobby Joe Fritz

Courtesy of Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators and Wisconsin Department of Justice

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If you know anything about the 1983 disappearance of Bobby Joseph Fritz, please call the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office at 920-906-4777. 

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