Darlene “Dee Dee” Webb – 9 of Diamonds, Florida

The night was still young when 20-year-old Darlene left her friends at a local Daytona Beach bar to go get some shut-eye before work the following morning… but little did they know, as she walked out into the darkness of the night, that’d be the last time they’d ever see her. Today, detectives are still as baffled as they were back in 1983.

Darlene “Dee Dee” Webb - 9 of Diamonds - Florida

Courtesy of Florida Sheriff’s Association

Episode Info

If you know anything about the disappearance of Darlene Webb in January of 1983, please call Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida at 1-888-277-TIPS. Or, you can reach retired Sgt. Flynt via email at flyntjimmie@dbpd.us.

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