Rachel Hurley – 9 of Hearts, Florida

Rachel Hurley, a whip-smart eighth grader on the verge of young-adulthood, spent the afternoon of St. Patrick’s Day 1990 out on a boat with friends. She was last seen headed down the beach on her way to meet her mother at a pick-up spot … but she never made it. That evening, following a frantic search, her body was found in a nearby wooded area. The specter of the 14-year-old’s inexplicable murder has lingered over the coastal South Florida beach town of Jupiter for more than three decades.

9 of Hearts - Rachel Hurley

Courtesy of Florida Association of Crime Stoppers

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If you were near Jupiter Inlet or Carlin Park on March 17th, 1990, and have any information on the murder of Rachel Hurley, call Detective William Springer at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office at 561-688-4013.