Stanley “Stosh” Stowik, Sr. – 2 of Hearts, Rhode Island

October 9th, 2015, was supposed to be a normal, routine Friday for 80-year-old Stanley. But what unfolded in his home that night was anything but ordinary – and it set in motion a chilling mystery that still stumps detectives all these years later.

Stanley "Stock" Stowick  Sr. - 2 of Hearts

Courtesy of Pawtucket Police Cold Case Unit

Episode Info

If you know anything about the murder of Stanley “Stosh” Stowik, Sr. in 2015, please call the Cumberland Police Department at 401-333-2500. You can reach Capt. Sweet directly at extension 3005. You can also send an email to crime@cumberlandpolice.com.

*Note: On his card, Stanley’s nickname is spelled “Stosh.” In his obituary and an article by WJAR, it’s spelled “Stas.”

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